Job 22570

Westmere - Auckland
TEMP ROLE - Monday through to Friday - 4pm - 7pm
Live in
Lovely family are looking for a temp nanny to help with the evenings while Dad is away. Children are aged G3 and newborn.

Initially only one week of work, but potential to be a regular engagement. Ideally the family would need someone Monday through to friday - 4-7pm.

Job would involve;
- Cook/heat/feed our three year old's dinner and tidy up after
- Bit of playtime/baby care with newborn while Mum does playtime with 3 yr old
- Get 3 yr old ready for bed then look after baby while Mum does bedtime
- Potentially fold some washing, prep food, dishwasher, mother-help type tasks (not house cleaning).
Start date
4th September 2019
Finish date
11th September 2019

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