Job 22675

Kingsland - Auckland
Thursday and Friday 8am - 5pm
Live in
Lovely family wanting a nanny with solid baby experience to care for their nearly 2.5 year old boy and a 9 month old boy.

They are looking for a Nanny for 2 days a week (Thursday & Friday) -Thursday will be with our 9 month old, and Friday with both boys (Initially mother will still be at home until nanny gets up to speed).

Family would love if nanny is also available adhoc as needed for help in evenings with the evening routine (dinner, bath, bedtime) when husband y has to work late.

Additionally, family would love if nanny is flexible enough that they could call on the nanny for babysitting some evenings.

Family are based in Kingsland, Auckland.

This role would be part of our home-based programme.

Nanny needs to have full licence and own reliable vehicle.
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